Why Should You Hire an Attorney When You are Overwhelmed With Debt

Many do not realize how serious their debt can become until it begins to pile up and creditors begin taking action. Unfortunately, many debtors mistakenly believe the creditors will go away if they simply continue to ignore them. When a person is in debt, they need to make sure they hire an attorney. Waiting too long may prevent the attorney from being able to stop collection activity so a person does not lose their property.

When a person is in over their heads with debt, it is vital they seek legal help to determine their best recourse. There are two main types of bankruptcy that can be filed by individuals and couples but a person needs to meet with their attorney to determine which type will be most beneficial. The attorney will go over a person’s financial records and help them determine which type to file. With chapter 7 bankruptcy, a person can find help with their debt that is mostly unsecured, such as credit card debt. As with any bankruptcy, a person must first go through means testing to ensure they meet the requirements.

Meeting with an attorney allows a debtor to learn:

How bankruptcy will benefit them
What the debtor can do to make the process proceed more smoothly
What the debtor can expect during the bankruptcy process
Whether or not there are obstacles that could prevent a smooth process
Filing for bankruptcy does not require the help of an attorney but it is recommended. When a person files for bankruptcy, there is a large packet of forms that must be filled out and submitted to the court. Often, these forms can be somewhat confusing to fill out so it is beneficial for an individual to seek the help of an attorney so they can make sure all of their paperwork is properly filled out so delays can be avoided.

If you have bill collectors threatening you on a daily basis, it is vital you seek legal help so you can overcome your debt. Call the attorney’s office today and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started on the process.

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